Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Minute Tax Deductions!!

…or an even better title would be “Your last chances to save the world in 2011” ☺

This week I began printing out all the receipts from charities we’ve given to this year and ya know, it really starts to add up! All those donations can also equal a lot of deductions, and tax time is just around the corner! Here are some really great charities you may not have heard of that you can give to online. I found them on the Daily Grommet website. As with any online giving site, they will email you a receipt, which you can save to hand over to your accountant for some deductions, and more importantly, to make a difference!!

Containers to clinics: I recently heard of this project that repurposes large shipping containers into small clinics for those in areas without medical services!! Watch the video and then try to tell me you don’t want to give to this!! It will definitely pull at your heart-strings (and hopefully your purse strings ☺)

Wine into water: This guy, Doc Hendley, just heard about how unclean “water kills more children than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Every 15 seconds a child dies because of unclean drinking water.” And he decided to do something about it. Talk about inspiration!! I love it!!! Check him out, and check out this awesome cause! !

Need an added bonus?
How about airline miles?! When you give to these organizations through the American Airlines shopping portal you are rewarded with points for each dollar you donate!

Use this site: to get miles for donating to:
• The National Foundation for Cancer Research,
• Susan G. Komen for the cure to breast cancer
• Unicef

If you don’t care at all about a tax deduction, but want to help others, please check out This site allows you to give a small ($25) loan to someone around the world just trying to make it. The loan gets repaid to you over time and you can then cash out or donate your $25 to someone else in need!