Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get Green!!

Making your home green is sooooo much easier than you think. Since I'm now pretty much obsessed with the idea, I thought I'd share some of my fave and easy-peasy ways to make your home safer for you and the earth :)
<-- This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Reusable bags EVERY TIME you shop! This one is $1.50. It fits in your purse and Target gives you $.05 back every time you use a reusable bag! Just think of how much plastic (and eventually $$ you save!)
These are 2 great items for your kitchen! Seventh Generation paper towels are 100% recycled. Although we try to use cloth for most things, every once in a while you need a paper towel. And dishwasher tabs that work waaay better in my dishwasher than the cascade brand we were using. Not only are you not flushing terrible chemicals into the streams and oceans (yes, you are killing sea animals, just like BP!!!), but the cardboard box is made of 100% recycled paper.

Laundry. 1. Quit the dryer and get a drying rack. Save $$ and energy! 2. Try method! It's concentrated (less trash!) and even the container is made of 50% recycled

In the bathroom: 1. Soap in boxes is so much better & cheaper than body wash in bottles. Plastic can only be recycled so many times before it becomes toxic, and most soaps come in recycled cardboard, so if you aren't going to recycle then at least buy a product that has been. 2.Give recycled t.p. a shot. It's amazing how much virgin paper is wasted on our waste! 3. www.preserveproducts.com
these products are made from recycled materials AND you can recycle them with their easy mail-back form! They even have a toothbrush recycle program you can sign up for and they will send you a new brush every 3 months! You won't have to remember when to switch anymore!

And cleaning: Using one concentrated, natural all-purpose like Simple Green saves space and oceans :) Also, Seventh Generation antibacterial keeps the chemicals that can cause asthma attacks away from kids, but still germ-free!!
I love anything by Seventh Generation. They dedicate 10% of their profits to organizations working for change, they even used recycled packaging, all their products are natural, they offer coupons on their website, and you can find them at stores like Target! Why would you not buy their products?

Lastly, I know what you are going to say. "I can't afford green products." But, it's not true.
You can! I've included a cost comparison that I found in RealSimple magazine on laundry detergents. Also, check into coupons on the company websites. I also stock up when these products are on clearance at Target (which is often- you know Target). And many things you can do in your home don't require buying anything and can cancel out any extra cents you're racking up to buy something good for you.