Monday, July 5, 2010


So here's how we did it.
Step 1: Supplies. Sarah and I went shopping at K-Mart which is where we found all that we needed for our compost box. We purchased about 80 night crawlers, two plastic tubs, one garden stone, and we picked up a free newspaper.

Step 2: The box. Poke holes in the sides and bottom of one of the plastic tubs. This is so that the compost can breathe and any liquid will drain out into the other tub.
compost juice and it's such great fertilizer that you have to dilute it before using it on your plants!)

Step 3: Break apart the garden stone and place it in the bottom of the 2nd tub. Place the 1st tub with the airholes on top of the stones so that the
1st tub fits inside the second.
Step 4: Add potting soil, worms, strips of newspaper, and food particles such as peels of fruit, veggies, etc.

Step 5: Enjoy!!

Other rules of thumb I've learned from the FABULOUS Sarah :)
1. No meat, cheese, or fatty substances. This will attract flies.
2. To keep flies away tape paper soaked in tea tree oil to the box.
3. Stir your compost regularly to let air in. This helps with the decomposition.
4. Break apart egg shells. This helps them decompose faster.