Monday, May 31, 2010

The "Other" Mountains

I have to marvel at the versatility of our Lord.

On a recent trip home to Tennessee, we took a hike in the Smokey
Mountains. Although I still feel that this area is my home, I felt as if I were in another world.
Over the last year of living in the Eastern Sierras I had forgotten the beauty of the Appalachias. They are so vastly different from one another. In seeing the snow-capped jagged peaks here in Mammoth for almost a year, I was happy to return to the laid-back rolling hills of Tennessee. I'd missed the warmth it brought me. Not just in temperature (praise God!!), but also in environment. Oh, to see green foliage and bugs! (Who thought I'd ever miss bugs?!) And the people. Sure, we've made great friends here in California, but nothing compares to southern hospitality, my grandma's cookin', and family and friends, old and new, that embraced us with such welcome.

I am one truly, truly blessed woman.