Sunday, August 7, 2011

40 days and 40 Ways ...(to help) #40..finally


There is no other single greater way to help someone than prayer. We can help, but God works miracles. I know. It is an absolute miracle that I:.....

have eternal life
am alive today
had the opportunity to go to college
am a teacher
have an amazing group of friends
am married to, no contest, the greatest man on Earth...and that he chose me
have the most loyal and supportive baby sister in the world

and there is so, so very much more, but I wanted to point out these things specifically because they are the things that I prayed fervently for in my life. And that after I realized what I had in these gifts, I have thanked God for them profusely. These are opportunities that so many people don't get in this lifetime. A second chance at life, a relationship with our Savior, a beautiful marriage and life-long friendships, a profession that I love. These are gifts that I have prayed and wept and begged and prayed and wept for. And they are gifts that I received. Simply because I love an awesome God and He says that what we ask for we receive and what we seek we will find. I did. And He hath provided.

For when you follow Him, He will give you the desires of your heart~ Psalm 37:4.

So pray without ceasing. For change in yourself, and change in the world.