Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sea Life

This week at the preschool we learned about animal habitats, specifically the ocean. At the beginning of the week when we asked what animals lived in the ocean we heard, "A lion!! A giraffe!! Gatos (cats)!! Dragons! (That one was my favorite)." After some further investigation we were finally able to identify what lived in the ocean and where we could find the other animals, although I'm still at a loss with dragons...

Here are some pictures of some of our sea life creations. Although they both look like strange spiders they are supposed to be octopi and crabs. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have to say that although I've learned a lot since moving to Mammoth (rock climbing, skiing, knitting, Spanish, how to build a fire, and certainly how to shovel snow), life sure is different here than it is back home in Tennessee!

Here are some lovely pictures of how winter has been treating us here in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
This is the view of our deck from our front window...hence, why I feel like I live in an igloo sometimes ;)

And this is our home. Covered in snow. One of those lumps in front used to be my car.
From the front door. My car is that blob on the left :)
The beauty of it all.